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Friday, October 21, 2016

Postcards for the Weekend - Reflections

The theme for this week's Postcards for the Weekend is "Reflections on Water."

Poster on a Postcard
Mt St Helens, Washington, USA
Poster art by Gustav Krollmann
Northern Pacific Railroad c. 1925

In our collection of vintage postcards it was challenging to find a reflection on water.

America by Rail
Mt St Helens Poster
Back of the unused postcard.
Library of Congress

Part of a series of cards called America by Rail, this card features a classic travel poster published by the Northern Pacific Railroad about 1925 "Mt. St. Helens -- Northern Pacific North Coast Limited" The artist is Gustav Krollmann. The Railroad published this poster to encourage travel to the Pacific Northwest on their transcontinental passenger train, the North Coast Limited. Of course, the scene you see of Mt St Helens is well before her 1980 eruption. In the early 80s, after she erupted, we recall bumper stickers "Don't come to Mt St Helens ... She will come to You!"

We can't resist adding another reflection photo, albeit not a postcard ...

Sunrise at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
August 22, 2013, 8:31 AM

We called this "Paddleboarding at Sunrise" in our August 23, 2013, post. No, that's not John out there on Seattle's Green Lake!

One more ... This morning the Star Princess arrived in Seattle about 6:20 AM. This is the last cruise ship to visit Seattle this year, according to the schedule issued by the Port of Seattle. Our photo was snapped about 5 minutes before she was docked at Pier 91 Cruise Terminal. The tree in lower right has lost just enough leaves to let a little bit of the light come through.

Star Princess arriving Seattle
6:20 AM  October 21st

Thank you for stopping by John's Island. We're linking up with Postcards for the Weekend. Be sure to check out the other contributions, and thanks to Maria for hosting!

Closing thought ...
No one imagines that a symphony is supposed to improve in quality as it goes along, or that the whole object of playing it is to reach the finale. The point of music is discovered in every moment of playing and listening to it. It is the same, I feel, with the greater part of our lives, and if we are unduly absorbed in improving them we may forget altogether to live them.
     Alan Watts

Friday, October 14, 2016

Last Dahlias 2016

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on John's Island will probably remember our visits to the Dahlia Garden at Seattle's Volunteer Park. Our last visit for this year took place on Tuesday, October 11th, and here are some snaps showing how the dahlias looked on that day ...

[Click on image for larger view]

Previous posts this year on our visits to the Puget Sound Dahlia Garden … First look … second visit … third visit.

If you have a favorite please let us know in with a comment.

Beyond dahlias ...

Fall colors ...

These snaps are all within the last week.

Ships spotted ...

In our last post we shared the photo below of the CMA CGM Dalila arriving in the predawn darkness on Friday.
CMA CGM Dalila
Arriving in predawn darkness.
Friday, October 7th  5:30 AM
We got lucky and happened to have the camera at hand when we noticed the same ship departing with a new load of containers on Monday afternoon. Yes, yes, we know the name of the ship is close to the name of the flowers we featured above ... just a coincidence! :-) Anyway, we thought it was an unusually long time in port ... 4 days ... for this ship. It seems like the turn-around for most large container ships is closer to 2 or 3 days.

CMA CGM Dalila
Departing at sunset.
Monday, October 10th  6:30 PM

Coast Guard Cutter
October 11th  8:51 AM
Bainbridge Island in the distance.

Cap Jervis Container Vessel
Owned and operated by Hamburg Süd Liner Services
Flies the flag of Liberia
Arriving Seattle
October 12th  1:37 PM
October 14th  12:58 PM
Smaller container vessel arriving during our wind storm.
Note "white caps" on Puget Sound
Two for One
It's unusual to catch ships passing out in the Sound.
Hanjin northbound, Matson southbound.
October 13th  9:45  AM
Hanjin Seattle Container Vessel
Arriving Seattle October 14th
This vessel seemed unusually close to the Marina,
especially considering our significant wind storm!

Postcards for the Weekend ...

It's time to link up again with Maria's Connections to the World and Postcards for the Weekend. This week's theme:  children/child. Here's what we found in the collection ...

That's right:  Four happy babies!

Oh Willy!

Publication date for these postcards is probably around 1900 to 1910. The back of the cards indicate they were published in Germany and are part of a series 7662. These are embossed cards. Be sure to check out other Postcards for the Weekend from other bloggers.

While we are smiling, let us recommend a video ...

We would like to thank Bethany Carson, who publishes the blog Today Liberty or Death, and one of her followers, Martha, who publishes Plowing Through Life, for bringing to our attention the video below. Watch this for some smiles and truth! The Restaurant of Life ...

Skies ...

We can't close with a few sky photos ... hope you enjoy!

October 11th sunset   6:33 PM
Southern portion of Olympic Mtns in far distance.
Looking out over Puget Sound.
Our sky photos were taken earlier in the week. This morning, Friday, we are in the midst of the first significant storm of autumn. Lots of rain, heavy at times, last night. Our barometer dropped rapidly but is now on the rise at about 7 am. Wind gusts have created power outages around the metro area but we have been lucky so far. An even stronger storm, remnants of a typhoon, is forecast to come through on Saturday. Be sure to check out more sky photos on Skywatch Friday

Eye of the storm?
Friday afternoon, October 14th
Wow, it has been WINDY today!

Mountain Silhouette
October 11th  6:35 PM
Olympic Mountains from Seattle, Washington

Closing thought ...
There is no coming to heaven with dry eyes.
     Thomas Fuller

Sunday, October 9, 2016


The current drama surrounding the US Presidental Election made us want to see what we could find in our collection that might, for a few moments, turn our attention to the "good ol' days" of politics. (Was there really such a thing?) We found four mini-sheets of stamps issued by the Postal Service in 1986 featuring all deceased Presidents as of 1986. We think these are old enough to allow us to feel fairly nonpartisan about this post. How about that?

The stamps were issued to coincide with the International Philatelic Exhibition which took place in Chicago in 1986 and is referred to as AMERIPEX '86.

AMERIPEX '86 Presidents Stamps ...

[Click on images for larger view]

In the Chicago Tribune, May 16, 1986, David Prescott wrote: "It`s the largest stamps show ever held in the United States. The International Philatelic Exhibition (AMERIPEX `86) is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors during its 11-day run. In addition to lectures, demonstrations and exhibits, almost every prominent stamp dealer in the world will be represented at the show. More than 125 countries will have displays, and 58 countries have appointed commissioners to represent their nation`s collectors."

"On May 22, 1986, the Postal Service released a series of postage stamps with a portrait of a past U.S. President inscribed upon each one. The series of 36 stamps were issued in four separate mini-sheets, with nine stamps to the sheet, each stamp having a denomination of 22 cents. All of the presidents who were deceased at the time were included, and several of the issues honor presidents who had never appeared on a U.S. commemorative stamp before. On 'sheet IV' the stamp in the middle depicts the White House entrance." Wikipedia

In 2011 The American Philatelic Society (think: stamp collecting) celebrated its 125th Anniversary. Here are some screen captures from their publication celebrating the Anniversary and related to AMERIPEX '86 ...

Beyond Stamps ...

A couple of maritime pics ...

CVN 74 - USS John C Stennis
October 5th  9:52 AM
Enroute Bremerton?

Late morning on October 5th we just happened to glance out and see CVN 74 heading southbound, apparently returning to Bremerton, WA, after departing on September 27th. Although the ship was a long way from our deck, we were happy to get this photo, and had to smile when we zoomed in on the capture. How about the jet on the deck ... and the 12 flag? For those of you who don't follow American football, the 12 flag is flown by fans of the NFL Seattle Seahawks.

Lastly, the CMA CGM Dalila container ship arrived on Friday morning, October 7th, about 5:30 AM. In the summer, the sun would have been up, but now, with the shorter days of Autumn, it's dark, it was raining lightly, and quite chilly. The picture just kind of says "cold" and had us wondering what it's like to be aboard one of these vessels in the Northern Hemisphere winter months plying back and forth from Seattle to Asia.

CMA CGM Dalila in the predawn darkness.
October 7th   5:30 AM

Closing thought ...
Part of me is still waiting to grow up, to be an adult, and the other part knows there is no such thing.
     Richard Dreyfuss

(PS Thanks for your comments about the closing thought. It seems to take longer than I would have expected to find one that seems appropriate, depending on the mood I'm in. At least one of you mentioned it would be a challenge and that is turning out to be correct!)